What is “Snacking Content”

The snack content is a short, punchy content, which must go straight to the point in order to transmit its message effectively. It consists in creating a content that will be consumed quickly, on social networks, and that aims to catch the attention of the Internet user who will cross it.
The name “snack content” comes from the way this content is consumed, it is digestible, can be watched between two tweets or Instagram posts and offers a high visibility to the account that publishes it by generating emotion in a very short time.

It will generally focus on originality in order to arouse curiosity and trigger an action from the viewer.
Another interest of Snack Content is the fact that it can be visible on any type of device, the objective being that it is as easy to access on mobile as on tablet or computer. Thus, we find the majority of these contents in a vertical format, more adapted to smartphones and also highlighted by Google.
It is also very important that it can be consulted in all types of contexts: transport, coffee break, in bed at night, etc…
The snack content can be used to “hook” potential prospects and must contain a call-to-action in order to bring the user to access the product or content that is highlighted by the person or company that produces it.

It is not to be confused with an advertisement!

The content of a snack content post must be entertaining for the user and must be original content and not the presentation of a product or service.
It is actually an integral part of the marketing that we call “Viral”, it allows to make a company known quickly and efficiently by highlighting its products or services. It helps to enhance the brand image of a company through short and interesting content that will help gain notoriety and visibility on social networks.

It is also, and above all, a tool that allows you to generate content without having to invest too much money as it could be the case with long content; if a “snack content” type content does not manage to reach your target, it will not represent a waste of time or money as important as a longer content to produce.

This content, which can be qualified as “micro-content”, encourages sharing because of its short and entertaining nature, and can also, depending on its degree of regularity and quality, lead to audience loyalty and create proximity with the target.

The snack content represents today a real source of visibility for a company and also participates in the creation of a strong and recognizable brand image. The challenge is mainly to find the type of content to produce so that the perceived image is as close as possible to the desired image.