About us

Wister is one of the French pillars of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and a multimedia content publisher.

Since 2003, Wister offers a wide range of products and services that allow users to find the entertainment they want and to take full advantage of the main content consumption channel : the smartphone.

To do this, Wister works closely with numerous operators in Europe and Africa, as well as with educational, audiovisual, sports and video game content providers, enabling the company to offer qualitative material, in line with public expectations.

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Collaborators around the world

54 millions

Mobile visitors per month


DCB editors in France

A modern market in constant evolution

With nearly 8 billion devices in use worldwide, smartphones and tablets have been the main means of entertainment and multimedia content consumption for several years.

That’s why Wister offers products that are specifically designed for the mobile format.

This ability to adapt has been part of Wister’s DNA for many years, and has become a quality appreciated by its partners, making the company a leader in the mobile ecosystem.

A modern market in constant evolution

All of Wister’s offers are available as direct payment on the operator’s bill, (DCB).

The company is actively involved in the evolution of DCB and aims to make this payment method more accessible and better known to the general public.

For this reason, Wister is also a member of several associations, including Geste and MMA, with the objective of actively participating in the evolution of its business sector.

A complete expertise of the user flow

With an international team based in France and the United States, Wister is now an expert in the various domains that make up its market.

The company has a 360° vision of its sector, allowing it to set up its offers but also to have control over all the elements that make up the user experience.

Wister designs, controls and adapts to the needs of each of the products it makes available to the public.