Media Presence

We are able to promote all types of content that generate interest for the user:

  • Mobile TV
  • VOD
  • Sport results
  • Mobile games
  • Apps

Media Buying Specialist

Wister has made mobile traffic acquisition in 3G, 4G and 5G one of its specialties, notably thanks to an international team dedicated to Media Buy.

The user flow is controlled and optimized by ou dedicated teams, from the advertising space to the final service.

It is thanks to a real-time analysis and control of our campaigns that we can ensure such visibility to our offers.

Affiliate Specialist

With over 15 years of experience, Wister is a key player in the mobile affiliate industry.

Wister is now able to operate in more than a dozen countries across Europe and Africa. This is due in particular to the implementation of partnerships and affiliation contracts selected individually in order to maintain optimal quality for each of our offers.

These abilities allow us to:

  • Set up a controlled affiliation
  • Verify traffic origins
  • Know and respect the regulations in each territory

RTB Specialist

RTB (Real Time Bidding) consists of buying advertising space in real time from a sales platform via an auction system in order to acquire new visitors.

Our platform responds in less than 100 milliseconds, so we can place our content in the most efficient way possible.