Wister is now in Ivory Coast

Wister’s development on the African continent is now, more than ever, a hot topic. 

Indeed, we are proud to announce that we are now present on the Ivorian territory, where we now offer video on demand content.

This presence is not a surprise and is actually the result of a common reflection and an agreement with the main mobile actors of the Ivorian territory. The Ivorian market represents in our eyes a significant interest following the extremely rapid development of the use of mobile internet throughout the country for several years now. 

It is the vision of this development that pushed Wister to invest more deeply in the implementation of our content in this zone and that led our marketing experts to propose an adapted offer available in the form of a subscription on the operator’s bill, accessible in a few clicks. 

Once this subscription is taken out, the user will be able to access a constantly updated catalog of audiovisual content throughout the country.

The audiovisual offer is available in French, and the content and customer service are also available in French, in order to make access to the service as easy as possible for users.