Wister services are now available in South Africa! 

After careful observation of the local legislation and the potential of the South African market, our sales teams felt that it would be advantageous for Wister to reach a new market.

It is therefore with a clear ambition and a strong motivation that Wister has chosen to propose its subscription offers in DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) throughout South Africa, a country that is highly computerized and well equipped in terms of mobile, with a penetration rate of 163% of the population in 2016, or 96 million subscribers to one or more telephone packages.

Having operated on the African continent for several years without ever having experienced negative feedback, it is with confidence that the major South African operators have chosen to collaborate with Wister.

The promotion of the various services offered in the country is ensured by the Media Buy experts operating at Wister. Our practice is also supported by the Evina anti-fraud system, which has been proven to be effective over time.

Customer service and content is available in English to make it easier for South Africans to use our services.

With this new offering, we are excited to see Wister expand across the African continent, which is a more promising market than ever.