Twice a month, the Wister team meets in Paris!

Like it was for many companies, 2020 was the year Wister made the switch to remote work. 

Forcefully and unexpectedly during the first period of containment, then gradually in a more voluntary and organized way. Finally, after the majority of our team gave a favorable opinion about this more modern and perfectly functional way of working, we took the plunge and decided to make remote working our new mode of operation, while keeping, of course, available offices in Paris.

It was therefore decided that we would maintain office space for those who request it and that twice a month we will meet in Paris in order to carry out steering committees and work groups. 

The steering committees are an innovation for us. They allow a voluntary team to explore strategic options which are then presented during these committees to the whole company, thus keeping the whole team informed of the company’s news but also generating a collective reflection on certain future subjects. 

This new way of working allows us to take a common direction by offering avenues of reflection that might not have been explored in smaller groups, thus reinforcing a collective spirit that is dear to us.

It has now become a tradition, this Thursday, November 18th, the second monthly meeting of the Wister team took place. Of course, our American team was also invited and braved the time difference in order to participate in the various exhibitions and we’re very thankful for that.