Wister launches its offers in Senegal!

After the announcement related to the presence of our offers on the Ivorian territory, it is now possible to access the contents proposed by Wister from Senegal! 

Our offer oriented towards live sports results as well as the one proposing constantly updated video on demand content are both available for every person located on the Senegalese territory having subscribed to a mobile subscription.

The implementation of our services in Senegal is first linked to an agreement between Wister and the telecommunication companies in order to agree on the terms of these offers, so that they are as adapted as possible to the needs and desires of the Senegalese public, so that the latter can take full advantage of the content made available by Wister.

The development of mobile Internet offers throughout the country seemed to us to be the ideal opportunity to invest in this area, which seems to have a promising future in terms of telecommunications. Thus, our market/mediabuying experts have found the ideal means to make our offers known, accessible and clear.

It is this search for clarity that has led us to keep our customer service and all our content in French.

Subscribing to one of our offers is done in just a few clicks, once a subscription is set up, the user will then have the freedom to access a catalog of audiovisual content or sports results.