Wister launches its offers in Congo!

We were present in the Ivory Coast and Senegal and this is now the case in Democratic Republic of Congo ! 

Indeed, our offers are now available all the way through the Congolese territory.

As in other African countries, our live sports content and our video on demand service (specially adapted for the occasion) are offered in Direct Carrier Billing to people located in Congo with a telephone package including internet access.

Thanks to several contacts and an agreement between Wister and a large Congolese telecommunication company, we can now celebrate our presence in another country on the African continent. 

The most efficient technical means were found by our mediabuying team and the offers were managed by our marketing team in order to make the contents as adapted and interesting as possible for the general public. 

The offers as well as the customer services are therefore accessible in French in order to facilitate the exchanges and the general use of our services. Today, it is possible to subscribe to Wister content in just a few clicks and enjoy a catalog containing a wide range of content available on demand.

We are delighted to see our expansion in Africa continue and are always looking for new content to keep our subscribers loyal and satisfied.