Wister launches in the Netherlands!

Several months ago, Wister launched its new offer in the Netherlands. 

Thanks to a change in the country’s regulations, our DCB offers can now be made available to the Dutch public. 

We are now offering a Direct Carrier Billing subscription, accessible with just a few clicks, for the sum of €5 per week. 

Once this subscription is taken, the user can then access a catalog of content updated continuously.

It is through a partnership with two major telecommunication actors with whom we’ve already been collaborating for years on several European territories, T-Mobile and Vodafone, that this offer could emerge on an extremely promising market in full expansion.

The offer is highlighted thanks to the work of our Media Buy team, and our long term partners, and the written content, as well as the customer service, are available in Dutch language in order to make access as instinctive and simplified as possible for users. 

It is therefore with great pleasure that we can now announce that Wister’s content in the Netherlands is now available nationwide.