Wister in Burkina Faso

After announcing our arrival in many African countries, we are now working in one of the western nations of the continent. It is in Burkina Faso that we have now set up our billing system by direct debit from the operator’s invoice, after having thought about it for a long time, studied the issue and then set up our offers.

Our Mediabuy team is now in charge of the visibility of our ads on the Burkinabe territory and the broadcasting of the different subscriptions we propose is now visible on all the compatible devices on our privileged networks. 

The public can therefore, from now on, access our offers proposing live sports results or VOD content. 

Thanks to the work of our teams, we can now provide a vast amount of content, part of which is created in West Africa. 

With just a few clicks, the Burkinabe user will be able to access the Wister offer he wants, while being sure that fraud will be avoided thanks to the security systems put in place by Evina. 

The customer service as well as all the content of the offers is now available in French, in order to simplify and fluidify the use of the product and the direct exchanges with our teams.