The African continent : a new challenge for Wister

For several months now, Wister has been involved in a new continent in order to propose exclusive offers: our services have finally been launched in several African countries!

Indeed, after studying the market and the various opportunities emerging in these territories, we came to the conclusion that opening our services in these areas could represent a certain interest for Wister.

It is thanks to a partnership established with several major operators, some of which have already dealt directly with Wister in the past, that our offerings can be accessed by all users interested in the content that we put together and update daily. 

African users can now go to our live sports results based offering from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Senegal to allow sports enthusiasts to analyze their favorite competitions, but also the CloudVideos subscription, allowing access to video content on demand.

Africa is a continent that shows particular promise for DCB, and our successful implementation gives Wister hope for the future.

It is therefore a definite advantage for Wister to be able to count on these new areas in which we can operate and thus continue to develop the company across the continents in order to increase the international coverage of our various offers.