Kidjo Stories: The app that tells beautiful stories !

Offering content that is totally safe, entertaining and educational for children, while remaining easily controllable by parents

This is Wister’s objective through the Kidjo Stories offer, the application dedicated to the youngest.

Thanks to a partnership with Kidjo, a major player in the children’s content market, and with the operator Orange, with whom Wister has been working for several years, we can now offer Kidjo Stories content in France. 

For €1.99 per week, users of the application will be able to access a library of over 900 works on all themes to stimulate the imagination of children as much as possible. Kidjo stories is accessible via a dedicated application, but also directly from a web browser whether on mobile, tablet or computer. 

The content available on the Kidjo Stories platforms is, of course, not randomly chosen: it is selected to solicit and develop the skills of the youngest children, so that they can start their lives in the most positive and constructive way possible.

Among the stories proposed you will find some classics like the tales of Perrault, stories containing cult characters like Barbie or Sam the Fireman or exclusive stories, like the Om Noms.

Wister is now able to offer content for all ages on our various platforms and to participate in teaching key values to the youngest.