Internet +, How does it work ?

The internet+ Box is a solution that allows you to pay for various purchases made online by adding them directly to your fixed-line or internet box bill for the month. 

These purchases, secured directly by the operator of the person making the payment, exist in order to make small purchases quickly or to subscribe to services. It is comparable with the “Internet+ Mobile” payment that we already described in this article

And, like Internet+ Mobile, it offers the possibility to :

  • Subscribe to a service in just a few clicks
  • Be assured that your payment is secured by very strict rules and that it is constantly monitored by several distinct actors, between publishers, regulators and operators
  • To present a security against fraud implemented by expert companies in Cyber-security
  • End the subscription when the subscriber wants
  • Try out the subscription during the free week, included in all subscriptions offered by Wister.

What types of content can be sold with Internet+ Box?

All digital services and content on a pay-per-view or subscription basis, within the following price limits (maximum authorized price including tax, excluding connection costs):

The contents offered in Internet+ Box purchase are limited to certain amounts, which depend on the type of purchase made: 

  • A one-time purchase is limited to €20
  • A subscription billed weekly is limited to 3 € each week
  • A subscription billed monthly is limited to 10 € per month

How does an Internet+ Box payment work at Wister?

You have clicked on a banner leading to one of Wister’s offers. We will redirect you to the homepage of the offer that has aroused your interest in order to give you details of the service, the type of content you will be able to access and its price.

If you choose to press “continue” after reading all the instructions, you will be redirected to the billing page. This page presents, a second time, the essential elements of the service you are going to access, including the price, the periodicity of the payments to come as well as the reminder that this sum will be deducted directly from your internet box bill.

If you choose to click on “confirm payment”, your subscription is then taken into account by us and by your operator.