Direct Carrier Billing, how does it work ?

It has been possible for a few years now to pay your purchases with your phone bill. This payment method, called DCB (for Direct Carrier Billing), allows its user to pay online without using a credit card but by adding the amount of his purchase to the price of his phone package. 

But how does this system work?

Via the mobile network: 

Indeed, if the mobile operator billing is set up on a website you visit, whether it is for the purchase of a content or a service, it is because you use your phone

You can use it if you connect to one of the 3G, 4G or even 5G bands you have subscribed to via your operator.

In which situations?

This payment method can be used in any situation, provided that you have a product to pay for and that you have given your prior consent to the payment. In fact, they allow you to pay for a subscription, a mobile game, a video or any other content in just a few clicks without having to enter your bank details, your credit card number, your PayPal account or your Apple Pay identifiers.

As you can see, the major advantage of the direct carrier billing is how easy it is to use.

What about security?

At Wister, we’ve been offering several content packages in many countries around the world for over 18 years. This experience has allowed us to evolve alongside this billing system and to see its security improve over the years. 

The security of this method of payment is no longer to be proven and the DCB payment is accessible on more and more e-commerce sites, as this method is so advantageous for the customer. 

Of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact the customer service of your content provider. In the case of Wister, the contact is made by email at “”.

How does a DCB payment work?

Let’s take the example of a subscription with Wister:

You clicked on a link leading to one of our offers. You are then redirected to the home page of the offer in question, which presents the service, the type of content and the price.

Once this information is taken into account, if you choose to press “continue” you will be redirected to the billing page. This page presents, a second time, the price as well as the period of payment and explains that this payment will be taken from your phone bill.

If you choose to click on “confirm payment”, your subscription is then taken into account by us and by your operator, you will then receive a payment confirmation SMS.

In summary, the payment on operator invoice, or “DCB”, is :

  • Fast and easy
  • Ruled and monitored by several mobile operators and partners working together.
  • Easy to stop
  • Secured against fraud by companies with expertise in cyber security.
  • Made even easier by Wister: your first week of subscription is free !